The women of Nari Dana are trained in sewing and embroidery.  The range of products they make include:

Items for personal use: bags, handkerchiefs, scarves, jewellery and women’s sanitary products

Home furnishings: table cloths, runners, place-mats, coasters, sofa covers and cushion covers, gifts and

ecclesiastical garments.

Where to see and buy

If you visit St Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata, cross over to 51 Chowringhee Road, where you will find a spectacular colonial building. This is Bishop’s House, the official residence of the Bishop.

The Right Reverend Paritosh Canning, who was installed as the new Bishop in June 2019, was introduced to the work of CRS at the start of his tenure. He was very impressed by the Nari Dana project and generously made space in Bishop’s House for a sales outlet for Nari Dana in which products can be seen and purchased.

In the Bishop’s House, there is also a Nari Dana production centre for the women.  There is another production centre in the Cathedral grounds, near to the offices of CRS. Women come to the production centres on weekdays for as many hours as their domestic commitments allow, and are paid a fair wage for their work. You are welcome to visit the production centres.



Cathedral Relief Service, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Cathedral Road, Kolkata 700 071, West Bengal, India

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